Maintenance & Repairs

Select your type of maintenance or repair issue below for further instructions.

EMERGENCY, Storms and Natural Disasters


  • Police/Fire/Ambulance: 000
  • SES assistance in floods and storms: 132 500
  • Police attendance: 131 444
  • Crime stoppers: 1800 333 000

For all damage resulting from a natural disaster or storm, contact your FAA Property Manager. Additionally, you may need to contact the SES on 132500 who will assist with tree removal, storm damage and help.

If you have a serious emergency you should dial “000” for assistance from your local police and/or ambulance service.


Wear and tear

  • Furniture indentations and traffic marks on carpets.
  • Scuffed wooden floors.
  • Faded or cracked paint.
  • Loose hinges or handles on doors.
  • Cracks in the walls from building movement.
  • Small chips and scuff marks.
  • Painted faded or discolouring over time.

Examples of types of damages that tenants may be liable for:

  • Missing, damaged or torn curtains – either caused by the tenant or their pets.
  • Tears, stains or burn marks on carpets.
  • Badly scratched or gouged wooden floors.
  • Unapproved paint jobs or large areas of damage e.g. from posters being ripped off walls.
  • Holes in the walls left by tenants.
  • Water stains on the carpet.
No water

If you have no water, the first thing to do is check that your water meter has not been turned off.

Next, check whether other people in the street are affected to eliminate whether your local water authority is working in your area. If it’s just your property that is affected, turn on several taps and see if your water meter ticks over. If the meter is ticking over, but there is still no flow, then it is likely there is a blockage on the property side of the meter. If this is the case, then you should contact you FAA Property Manager for assistance. If the meter is not ticking over it is most likely a blockage at the water authority.


Alternatively, lodge a maintenance request to your property manager.

No hot water
  • Is your water supply working?

If you have cold water, but no hot water, you should first check your hot water heater to see if it’s working.

  • Check your hot water usage and power plan

If you have a ‘off peak’ hot water and are using hot water during the day, it is possible to run out of hot water.

If you have a gas hot water heater, you will need to check that your pilot light is lit; it is common for them to extinguish and there are usually instructions on how to light your pilot light on the heater. It’s a tenant responsibility to light the pilot light; however, if after several attempts you are unable to light it you will need to contact YOUR ELECTRICIAN – DETAILS ARE IN YOUR HANDOVER PACK, to ensure there is no fault with the unit. Be aware that if a tradesperson is called and the pilot light can be lit simply, then you will be charged for the call-out.

It is also important to check the unit to ensure it is not leaking, as a leaking unit will require repair or replacement. You should contact your FAA Property Manager or lodge a maintenance request.

Power Failures / No power
  • First you should check if:

    • Is it a power outage?

    The most common source of power loss is an actual power outage – check with other people in your street or apartment building or contact your power provider directly to see if there is a fault in your area.

    • Is it a safety switch being tripped?

    The second most common source of power loss is a tripped safety switch. Check your electricity meter – if the safety switch is ‘off’, it has been triggered and needs to be turned back to ‘on’ to regain power. If it trips again, the cause may be a faulty electrical appliance. Systematically turn off all your appliances, including fridges, dishwashers, electric stoves, cooktops and washing machines, and repeat turning on your safety switch to determine the faulty appliance.

    If you still are unable to determine the cause you will need to contact your FAA Property Manager and lodge a Maintenance Request.

    For all water leaks, please contact your FAA Property Manager or lodge a maintenance request. Locate the water meter and turn the water off to avoid further damage.